The Bioregulatory Medicine Institute (BRMI) was founded in 2017 as a noncommercial institute to increase public knowledge and integration of bioregulatory medicine as a wholistic, evidence-based medical system. We receive our non-profit status under fiscal sponsorship with independent funding to operate as a noncommercial and trusted source of unbiased, unfiltered, verified information.


A Matrix of Interconnectedness

Bioregulatory medicine is wholistic in that it views the body as a living system - and a matrix of interconnectedness - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Bioregulatory medicine involves individualized methods of healing for which, in all procedures of diagnosis and therapy, the highest guiding principle is the maintenance and furtherance of the human biosystem. Thus, the goal of bioregulatory medicine is to support - or restore - that self-regulating state of wellbeing and self-healing. To achieve this goal, bioregulatory medicine is committed to fostering balance and harmony between the individual’s internal environment, or milieu, and the outer environment.

Mind, body, and Spirit

Bioregulatory medicine promotes disease prevention and intervention of illness through non-toxic approaches, that do not interfere with important bioregulatory biological processes. It emphasizes a partnership between patient and practitioner, as this relationship is paramount during the complex healing process, and includes intensive patient participation through education and self-care, including lifestyle and dietary improvements, as well as a psycho-spiritual focus. Through, acknowledging the powerful psychoemotional component in health and disease, bioregulatory medicine incorporates mind-body dynamics and explores how psychology affects our biology.

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Ancient Traditional Medicine and Cutting-Edge Technologies

Bioregulatory medicine looks back to the proven and effective “ancient traditional” medical systems, as well as forward to the most innovative, cutting-edge technologies being advanced today. It employs the use of non-invasive diagnostic aids that detect not only structural imbalances, but also functional, regulatory, energetic, psycho-emotional and environmental conditions

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Welcome to Our Open-Source, Non-Commercial Database

It is with great respect for evidence-based knowledge that the Bioregulatory Medicine Institute seeks to offer innovative and proven solutions to our modern problems. To achieve this endeavor, BRMI has created an open-source, searchable, and ever-growing database on all subjects associated with bioregulatory medicine. This database includes basis tenets, principles of practice, history and biographies of important contributors, a wide selective description of diagnostic and therapeutic practices, videos from around the globe, hundreds of evidence-based articles on varied health-related subjects, current news, and a pathfinder to sister organizations. BRMI also hosts conferences and webinars to introduce participants to the fundamental principles, diagnostics, and therapeutics of bioregulatory medicine. 


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In addition to its extensive website and multimedia archive, BRMI seeks to provide a global network for practitioners,

researchers, clinics, and organizations to share information of their ongoing research and best diagnostic and therapeutic practices. To organize and further facilitate this network BRMI publishes a free bimonthly e-Journal, training modules, and books, and maintains a social media presence with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Providing a Global Network for Practioners, Researchers, Clinics, and Organizations
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To further bioregulatory medicine through the science of self-healing, we invite you to our movement to reclaim our health through knowledge, connection, and sharing of information. We hope you will join our tribe!


Dr. James Odell, ND, OMD, L.Ac. is the Executive Director of BRMI.
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The mission of BRMI

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