Brent Davis, DC is a chiropractic physician whose life’s mission is twofold: (1) to help people attain greater joy, ease, and manifestation by clearing their sabotaging subconscious beliefs through the use of advanced healing frequencies extracted from flowers; and (2) to devise ways of shielding our bodies from the destructive effects of modern industrial living by the use of especially healing herbs.

Dr. Davis has clinically witnessed hundreds of people improve their lives (by overcoming grief, reducing stress, strengthening relationships, etc.) by taking the internationally patented FlorAlive® uncut flower essences he has developed (that are produced from UNCUT, living flowers).

In 2017, Dr. Davis turned his attention to formulating and producing the most broadly therapeutic product possible from industrial hemp, adhering to national standards of <0.3% THC (to assure non-intoxicating products). The oral drops and transdermal delivery system are rich in CBD and contain many other therapeutic constituents as well. (More at

In addition to being a licensed chiropractor in California and Tennessee, Dr. Davis has advanced post-graduate training in classical homeopathy and applied kinesiology, as well as solid core training in numerous other natural diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.


When he is not treating patients or traveling on floral and herbal adventures, he lives on his organic herb farm in the center of the FlorAlive Forest, 75 miles outside of Nashville.

Brent Davis, DC

In his landmark book THE FLORAL HAND OF GOD: Secret Healing Codes of Flowers Revealed (a trilogy in one volume), Dr. Davis describes how frequencies extracted from living, uncut flowers can contribute to enormous positive shifts in human consciousness. He outlines for the first time a comprehensive model rooted in quantum physics - to explain how flower essences contribute powerfully to the new field of frequency healing.

Dr. Brent Davis on Human Body Collapse Disorder
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