BRMI's second conference was a resounding success - attended by practitioners from many disciplines as well as numerous interested non-medical professionals. It included two days of plenary lectures, workshops, an array of vendors, and a live case presentation. The conference presented strategies to identify and treat exogenous and endogenous disturbance variables that affect the body’s bioregulatory matrix and its internal milieu. 

Presenters discussed numerous topics for restoration of the bioregulatory terrain such as detoxification protocols and therapies to support matrix regulation. Personalized treatments involving nutrition, acid-base balance, oxidation, specific nutrients, herbal therapies, homeopathics, isopathics and bioresonance therapy were discussed. Numerous structural, functional, energetic, regulatory and psychoemotional diagnostics procedures were presented. Additionally, biological dentistry topics such as the IAOMT’s “SMART” dental protocol (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique), fluoridation issues and dental foci were also discussed. 

Understanding, Optimizing, and Maintaining the Bioregulatory Terrain 

Louisville, KY; May 10-12, 2018

BRMI Conference 2018
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