May 10-12, 2018

BRMI Conference 2018

The Galt House Hotel

140 North Fourth Street
Louisville, KY 40202 
Tel: (800) The-Galt or (502)589-5200

The conference will take place in The Galt House, Louisville's only waterfront hotel, located in the heart of downtown. Offering world-class luxury rooms & suites, The Galt House is the official hotel of Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby. For our attendees' convenience, a room block has been secured with accommodations at a special, reduced rate. Please review our ticket package options as all rooms MUST be booked through BRMI directly in order to receive the promotional rate.

Over half the U.S. population could reach Louisville in a day's drive (or less). For those opting to fly: Louisville International Airport
is just a 12-minute ride to The Galt House Hotel.

You can check for airfares
here; and the status of your flight here.

It's a ca. $27 cab ride from the airport to the Galt House (it takes about 12 minutes to go the 9 miles).

More on Louisville's cabs here; a fare calculator here.

Info on car rentals, public transportation, and generally getting around Louisville here.

And some useful maps here.

To share a ride (or a hotel room), reach out to other attendees via our Facebook Event page.


BRMI Conference - Things to Do in Louisville

Come experience the charm of Louisville - as they say, easy to get to, but hard to leave!

Some highlights here.

On Sunday May 13, we'll be offering an Optional Visit to Churchill Downs.

Limited Tickets ($53) Available to Millionaires Row

Gates Open at 11:30 – 

First Race at 12:45pm

Our complete agenda here.

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