Frank Pleus, MD, DDS, OMFS has earned degrees from both dental and medical schools and 

is the author of doctoral

papers in dentistry and medicine.

Following dental education in

Germany and Switzerland, medical education in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland and oral, maxillofacial

surgery training in Germany and Switzerland, Dr. Pleus was trained in European Bioregulatory Medicine in Switzerland.


As part of his education, Dr. Pleus trained as a general practitioner in internal and family medicine, gastroenterology, medical psychology, neuraltherapy, orthomolecular medicine, phytotherapy and naturopathic treatments.

Dr. Pleus has been one of the key academic lecturers on European Bioregulatory Medicine for the

Biological Medicine Network in Marion, Massachusetts.

Dr. Pleus firmly believes that maintaining health and healing means integrating all levels of human existence.


His very personalized medical practice looks at how environmental and lifestyle factors interact with genetics, and how these interactions can influence long-term health, heal chronic-multiplex diseases and create awareness for preventative behaviour.

Frank Pleus, MD, DDS, OMFS

Concièrge Medical Services Switzerland, Dr. Pleus’ very unique medical practice, offers personalized European bioregulatory medicine and dentistry, health case management, prevention and rehabilitation.


Dr. Pleus temporarily “rooms in” with patients to get them back on track healthwise - as a personal physician and health case manager.

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