Health Freedom

There is an Unprecedented Amount of Censorship! 

And Our Freedom Hangs in the Balance

The amount of censorship that is happening to alternative healthcare, scientists, and citizens sharing different views, opinions, and facts that go against main stream media and social media has been staggering. This has forced many to create their own platforms and websites. We have listed them here to create a database. Contact us if you see a site that you suggest we list! Thank you! 

Health Freedom Platforms, Individuals,  and Organizations

Children's Health Defense.jpg
Dr. David E. Martin.png
Physicians for Informed Consent.PNG
The Healthy American.png
Fearless Parent.jpg
The Highwire.png
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny.png
ICAN logo.png
Alliance for Natural Health.PNG
A Voice for Choice.png
London Real.PNG
Citizens for Health.jpg
Health Freedom Ireland.PNG
Stand For Health Freedom.jpg
Educate Advocate.PNG
National Health Freedom Coaliton.jpg
National Health Freedom Coalition

States Fighting For Health Freedom

Action Alerts by State (Link from National Health Freedom Action)

Health Choice CT.PNG
Kentucky Medical Freedom Coalition.jpeg
New Jersey Medical Freedom Advocates.jpg
California Health Coalition Advocacy.png
Ohio Advocates for Medical Fredom.gif
Indiana For Medical Freedom.jpg
Health Choice Minnesota.png
Oklahomans for Health and Parental Right
Oregonians for Health Freedom.PNG
Tennessee Coalition for Vaccine Choice.p
Vermont Coalition for accine Choice.png
Informed Choic WA.jpg
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