Kimchi Moyer, L.Ac., received a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgetown University and a Master’s degree from the University of San Francisco. After becoming licensed in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, from 1990-1995, Kimchi comprehensively studied German Biological Medicine.

Combining her expertise in science and acupuncture with her training in German Biological Medicine, Kimchi developed her unique gift for working in the Bio-Energetic modalities. In 1996, she began training medical doctors, dentists, and other health professionals in Biological and Bioinformational medicine.


Using her 25 years of expertise, and data-driven knowledge in point conductivity measurements, Kimchi collected patterns of the diseased living organisms and skillfully sped up the healing process of many stubborn cases. In 2010, Kimchi expanded Hans Reckeweg’s “Six Phases of Homotoxicology” into the “Eight Phases of Health”, to enable medical practitioners to better identify the phase of health their patient is in, and thus be more efficient in their daily practice.


Known as an expert “medical detective”, Kimchi is recognized for her two unique abilities: identifying the root causes of acute and chronic health issues and identifying the ideal substances to be applied at an ideal time. This results in a quick response aiding the organism back to optimal health.

In 2000, Kimchi was authorized by the German Grieshaber Akademie to lecture on Bio-Energetic modalities and has since spoken on the subject around the globe. (She is fluent in Vietnamese, French, and English.)

Kimchi is also the founder of Resopathy Institute, sharing her algorithms (designed to help decode the language of the body) with the world.

Kimchi Moyer, L.Ac.
Founder, Resopathy Institute

As an extension of her work as a nutritional consultant, Kimchi is also the founder and co-owner of GOJI Kitchen, an Asian fusion restaurant in Santa
Rosa, California.

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