Principles and Applications of Ozone Therapy - A Practical Guideline for Physicians

Principles and Applications of Ozone Therapy - A Practical Guideline for Physicians by Frank Shallenberger, M.D., HMD, ABAAM Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform ISBN 10: 145641335X / ISBN 13: 9781456413354

This book was written in 2011, but is still one of the most comprehensive texts of ozone therapy on the market. Dr. Frank Shallenberger has been using ozone therapy to treat patients for over 25 years. The book details how and why Dr. Shallenberger, an emergency room specialist, first became interested in ozone therapy. It then describes how his years of successful experience with it, in a wide variety of medical conditions, compelled him to discover how and why the therapy works so well.

Dr. Shallenberger believes that the primary cause of disease is decreased oxygen utilization. He presents biochemical and physiological evidence for this assertion. He then presents evidence for how and why ozone therapy improves oxygen utilization, and, in so doing, is instrumental in the treatment of many otherwise incurable medical conditions. The list includes cardiovascular diseases, chronic infections (such as herpes and hepatitis C), macular degeneration, dental infections, chronic pain syndromes, degenerative joint conditions, and autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Shallenberger shares his experiences with treating these diseases, and offers specific ozone therapy protocols which he has found to be effective. Dr. Shallenberger does not look at ozone therapy as a "magic bullet". Instead, he describes how it can be integrated with conventional approaches to yield better results.


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