Bioresonance Therapy

Marguerite Lane, ND


Ancient systems of healing refer to energy patterns, such as the aura and chakras described in Ayurvedic medicine, and the acupuncture meridians of Traditional and Classical Chinese medicine. Western medicine ignores what it cannot measure, and this has caused a hole in our understanding of health.

Our medical science considers the body to be a machine. There is an emphasis on finding the malfunctioning part (organ, tissue, biochemical pathway, etc.) and fixing or removing it. This philosophy works very well for acute illnesses or injuries. However, in this century, the greater health challenges concern chronic illnesses and degenerative diseases. We need to enhance our mechanical viewpoint to include the coordination which occurs as a result of the functioning of the various parts.

While medical science has focussed on smaller and smaller pieces of the physical puzzle, physics has moved in the opposite direction for the last 100 years, since the dawn of quantum physics. Physics recognises that there are invisible and immeasurable fields which surround us, influencing many aspects of our lives, including our health.

From the view of modern physics, the body is an extremely complex collection of standing waves created by the electromagnetic vibrations of the many cells, shapes and fluid movements, which reinforce and interfere with each other. If you think about it this way, you may realise that what is happening in the body is like music.

Bioresonance therapy employs concepts, remedies and techniques from acupuncture, resonance, and homeopathy. Let’s examine each of these using modern terminology, such as from the fields of physics and music, and then discuss bioresonance therapy.


It has long been known in acupuncture that the body contains energy lines, or meridians, which must allow the free flow of energy for optimal health. In the last several decades, our scientists have repeatedly tried to locate the physical basis of the acupuncture system, using the basic assumption that anything “real” must be physically detectable.

Only when researchers have used energy detection technologies have they been able to locate the points and meridians. In 1947, Richard Croon, a Germany physician, found a correlation between skin resistance measurements and acupuncture points. Kirlian photography, based on high voltages and high frequencies, has allowed meridians to be clearly seen. Soft laser, microwaves, and acoustic waves have also been used to visualise the meridians.

According to Dr. Changlin Zhang, author of Invisible Rainbow – A physicist’s Introduction to the Science behind Classical Chinese Medicine:

…in light of the electromagnetic body, the acupuncture system can be understood as the prominent areas of an interference pattern formed by superposition of invisible electromagnetic standing waves.”


All of the matter which makes up the universe is in vibration from the subatomic level upwards. In quantum physics, it is established that light and sound have both wave and material components; biological systems also have these characteristics. Modern biophysics has shown that DNA resonates with coherent vibrations. DNA has radio-like transmitting/receiving properties by which means biological systems can be influenced. It has repeatedly been proven that DNA can even be recreated by transmitting electromagnetic signals to pure water that had never had DNA in it.

Resonance is the matching of one wavelength of vibration to another. This can cause:

  • constructive interference, which amplifies the effect;

  • beat frequencies, an amplification based on the interaction of two or more waves that occasionally line up to produce constructive interference; and

  • destructive interference, which cancels the effect (in the way that noise-cancelling earphones work).

As such, resonance is a handy tool that we can use to affect the standing waves of the body.