The Role Of Water In Promoting Health In Pets (And People)

Marlene Siegel, DVM

Water is the driving force of all nature.”

Leonardo DaVinci

All Life Requires Water

Water is the second most critical nutrient, (oxygen being the first).

Animals in the wild obtain most of their water intake from eating fresh prey. Cats came from the desert where they were adapted to a low water intake. Their diet consisted of mice, rats and small prey. 70% of their water intake came from their diet, (remember, mammals are 70% water). When they found water in the desert, they instinctually knew moving water was safe water and stagnant water was not (that is why cats are attracted to water from the faucet or fountains and they test the water by pawing it).


Being 2% dehydrated can impact health and contribute to a 50% reduction in cognitive skills. Being 10% dehydrated can lead to chronic diseases. As the body becomes more dehydrated, the impact of toxins become greater. Imagine a cup of water and a swimming pool. If the same amount of toxin were added to each, the impact of drinking the water from the cup would be greater because the toxin is more concentrated whereas the toxin is more diluted in the pool. The kidneys, which filter all the body fluids, are at risk for greater damage when the concentration of toxins is higher.


The key to becoming hydrated is to get the water into the cell.

Structured water hydrates the intracellular space 2-3 times more effectively than non-structured water.

In nature, water is structured and cleansed through movement (flowing through vortexes down mountains, rivers and streams) and percolating through the layers of rock, accumulating in the aquifers.

With structured water, the molecules are organized, cohesive, stable and fit into the aquaporin (the gateway) of the cell, resulting in cellular hydration. Drinking structured water (water can be structured by adding organic fruits or herbs to it because the fruit and plant material contain structured water) will result in the body’s water being structured.

Dead Water

Water that travels through city pipes and has been through water treatment facilities is structurally very different than water that is structured by nature through natural rocks and vortex’s that contribute to the “energy” and mineralization of the water. Reverse osmosis water has all the toxins removed, but it also has all the needed minerals removed which has led some water authorities to call it “dead water”.

4th Phase Water