Thriving Through Corona: Practical Tips For People And Pets

Marlene Siegel, DVM

Who would have ever imagined a worldwide crisis that would bring the WORLD to a halt!

Not minimizing the gravity of health concerns, there were other “pan epidemics” going on even before this Corona Virus threat. Most people were overworked, stressed all the time, sleep-deprived, deeply in debt with no emergency fund reserves and distracted from focusing on the meaning of “life and happiness”. Too many people were tied to the hamster wheel they were running on, working in jobs that were not fulfilling but paid the bills. Few people had a spiritual understanding of “who they were” or “what their purpose and passion in life” was. Even fewer people were living the life of their dreams.

The worldwide response to this flu epidemic has destroyed the world as we knew it, but is that a totally bad thing? If we only focus on the negative, the fear, doubt, and uncertainty, we drown in the quicksand of low vibration and become stuck there. We can not find answers, problem solve and bring our greatest gifts to light when we are contracted and stuck in a dark place.

Technically, most people have their basic human needs met, adequate food, water, and shelter. “Essential” businesses are open, and many others are finding creative ways to continue operations using a virtual platform.

Meanwhile, millions of people find themselves with a ton of free time, quarantined in their homes. This can be a positive or negative experience depending on how we choose to perceive it (note the operative word here is choose).

There are only 2 emotions that stimulate behavior: Fear and Love

Fear triggers the sympathetic part of the nervous system and releases cortisol, the stress hormone. Also known as the fight/flight response, the purpose of the sympathetic nervous system is to enable survival during life-threatening situations. Interestingly, the body doesn’t know the difference between being chased by a sabertooth tiger and the fear state created by the coronavirus threat. The end result is the same, the parasympathetic system is turned off and all resources are diverted to the sympathetic nervous system to enable the body to survive the “threat”. In this fear state, people feel depressed, stuck, energetically contracted, unable to problem solve and create solutions. People feel like victims with no control over the circumstances.

Love stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. It creates a high vibration, an expanded energetic state, leading to feeling empowered and creative, resulting in possibilities and solutions.

It is human nature to need motivation. Contrast (experiencing what is NOT wanted) and adversity stimulate the co-creative mind to find solutions to problems the world needs. Every one of us has unique skills and passion, enabling everyone to be a part of the “new world” that will emerge as we transform and grow from where we were to where we are going.

Change is good. We are leaving a world of competition and entering a world where cooperation will be the key to survival. Embrace it, go inwards to connect to your spiritual self, because it is there that our superpowers live. It is time to birth a new vision of the world and our role in it.

Step #1 Take back your power. No one and no circumstance can make you feel any way unless you allow it. Choose to find the blessings in every moment. Even if you can’t “see” the blessing, have trust and faith that what is happening is for the highest and best purpose, you just haven’t seen what that is yet…but you will!

Step #2 Let go…let go of the “stuff” you have been chained to. Now is the time to create the “more” that is REALLY wanted and desired. Letting go is the gift, giving birth to FREEDOM from the shackles. Anything is possible if you think it is!

Step #3 Have a plan and take action. Create action plans for yourself, your family, your business/job and your pets.

You And The Family

The oxygen mask needs to go on you first or you can’t be available to help others. Take care of your health, both mental and physical.

Eat the rainbow, nutritionally healthy organic foods (no processed sugar, processed foods, and toxic drinks). Grow some of your food! Herbs, greens, and vegetables are easy and now is the time to start. There are Grow Towers, Earth boxes and tubes, hydroponics, aquaponics, raised beds, microgreens, regenerative farmi